Reminiscing with my friends In Brighton

Some memories are never forgotten. An experience can change a man forever and that’s what happened to me when I visited Brighton last year. I made good friends, which guided me around the city.

Arrival To Brighton: My journey began once I arrived at the Brighton Railway Station from London. My first stop was a hostel because I was very tired. I hailed a cab and caught a ride to the nearest hostel. After checking in, I went to my dorm and dosed off for a while.

Getting Acquainted With Backpackers: Upon waking, I noticed a group of foreigners in my dorm. They were from Germany, Thailand and Australia. We introduced ourselves to each other and decided to go hang out. We went to the beaches and museums, however a fellow backpacker suggested that we call up some Brighton escorts. It sounded like a plan and that is what we did. Overall, I had a wonderful time in Brighton and continue to day dream about my fantastic travel adventure.


Father and Son Talk

Today I was asked a question by my thirteen year old that absolutely shocked me. When my son got off from the bus he ran through the front door and into the kitchen where I was preparing his afternoon snack. Before I even asked him how his day was he quickly asked what fuck buddy phone sex was. I stuttered as I tried to answer him because I didn’t really know what I should say. Instead of giving him “the talk” I just told him he shouldn’t of heard a conversation about it because it was an adult thing. When he tried to ask again I just told him his father would be home shortly and he should probably talk to him about what he had heard. I just felt that that particular topic was for a father and son not for his mother.