Father and Son Talk

Today I was asked a question by my thirteen year old that absolutely shocked me. When my son got off from the bus he ran through the front door and into the kitchen where I was preparing his afternoon snack. Before I even asked him how his day was he quickly asked what fuck buddy phone sex was. I stuttered as I tried to answer him because I didn’t really know what I should say. Instead of giving him “the talk” I just told him he shouldn’t of heard a conversation about it because it was an adult thing. When he tried to ask again I just told him his father would be home shortly and he should probably talk to him about what he had heard. I just felt that that particular topic was for a father and son not for his mother.


Newspaper Blues

Reading the daily newspaper over my early morning cup of coffee is a habit that I got into a long time ago and is something that I have always enjoyed up until recently. I like to keep abreast of things that are happening in the world and although I am by no means an expert on the economy, I like to keep tabs on both the British and American Stock Exchanges.

However, just lately there seems to be so many bad things happening and nothing good. The world, it would seem, has become a very unstable and frightening place. The news this morning was dominated with the headlines ‘Poverty Increases In Europe’, ‘Three London escorts Kidnapped At Knife-point’ and ‘Animal Abuse In The UK Reaches All Time High.’

I think that it’s time to stop reading the newspapers and start reading something that has a more a happy and positive slant to it like a good novel or a motivational guide.


Dark And Shady? No, It’s Fun!

Student debt is no fun. I’ve learned that the hard way, and I hate to say it, but I was over $70,000 in debt at one point in time, all from a four year degree. Luckily, I got a job straight out of school and started working in my field. However, that being said, loans started coming due a lot more quickly than I wanted to repay them. I wondered what I should do about it, and talked to my friend, Christine. Christine asked me if I minded working in a service that seemed a little dark and shady. I told her I didn’t, as long as I was safe. That Friday night, she introduced me to her boss, who is the head of some known Victoria escorts service. He offered me the chance to try out the job, and I took it. I’ve been working there ever since.


School Break Time

Now that I am in college, I have less time to do all the things I need to and less time to hang out with my friends outside of school. The only time I think I will really have this year will be during spring break. Last year during spring break I ended up hanging out with a Kent escorts guy for a few days. I never had to call the agency, he was just some guy I met who worked for them. I thought it sounded like a pretty cool job. Anyways, back to my point. I was thinking that this year on my break I would actually call the agency and get a date that way. I’m hoping that there is some chance that I could meet up with him again, as we had an amazing time together. I just wish I would have gotten his number.


Five Nil

Another local fuck up on the football pitch this Saturday! My team were playing their life-long rivals on home turf and completely went to pieces after the first five minutes of the game. A far from impressive defence line up may as well not have been there. It was as though they were invisible to the opponents who simply ran rings around them and managed to slip three into the net before half time. The boo’s that came from some of the supporters were probably justified but I don’t think it did much to improve morale amongst the team players because they couldn’t improve on their performance in the second half of the game. If things don’t improve I can see us being in the bottom three again at the end of the season and that certainly won’t please the manager or us loyal supporters. The game ended 5 – 0…what a disgrace.